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  ECERT PROJECT TEAM : NZFSA (New Zealand Food Safety Authority), AQIS (Australia), CFIA (Canada) , MINLNV (Netherlands) etc..
 The purpose of this project is to provide a standard framework for the exchange of information for traded agricultural products between government regulators involved in cross border trade, where export certification is required to facilitate the entry of product into a country.
 This message transforms the government to government (G2G) electronic certification business requirements elaborated in the associated BRS document into a technical requirement specification model for the XML based message structure and data components suitable for use by developers in the building of eCert compatible systems. It does not aim to specify the component model, system design, or presentation standards as these will vary with each unique developer requirement and are incidental to the transmitted message and data processing functions.
 This standard adopts an XML based solution and uses published UN/CEFACT core components where possible. Required components that are not in the core component library are noted and submitted in this document for consideration and integration into the UN/CEFACT Registry.
 Class diagrams to be transformed into the target technology include the following:
 • eCert package model
 • eCert data model composite
 • Certificate header data model
 • Certificate approval data model