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  The project proposal has very broad scope. In this project we will start sub-projects dedicated to a manageable scope.
 We will describe the different processes depending on the species concerned:
 - Traceability processes for individual animals;
 - Traceability processes for groups of animals;
 - Traceability processes for animal products.
 Business cases supported by these processes are:
 - business to business: concerning animals / groups of animals/ animal products, events within a country or transborder events;
 - business to government: for example, regulatory requirements ( animal passport).
 The term "animal" designates the individual animal (e.g. cow ) but also the group of animals (poultry, pigs, fish etc.).
 The definition of traceability is retrieving information about locations and events, what happened to the animal or the group of animals or animal products.
 (OIE (World Organization for Animal Health) definition of animal traceability: Animal traceability is the ability to follow an animal or a group of animals during all the stages of its life.)
 The information exchanged includes data on breeding, transport, processing and selling farm animal production and/or their products and by-products (e.g. milk, meat, eggs, wool, etc.) and also similar data on the fish sector.
 The processes concerned are:
 - Breeding;
 - Animal holding information;
 - Health and sanitary issues (veterinary information, drugs);
 - Processing of the animal;
 - Animal products and by-products.
 At the first stage, we will focus on the movements of animals or groups of animals from one location to another and in the second stage we will focus on the movements of animal products.