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 h5. Scope:
 The legal considerations for national Single Window systems (such as data security, electronic authentification, etc) have already been well covered in UN/CEFACT Recommendation 35.  Most of these will remain valid in the context of Single Window interoperability.  Other policy considerations specific to Single Window interoperability are linked to the larger political and economic trade facilitation agenda of regional integration.  The varying stages of regional integration (all the way from trade agreements to full economic and political integration) each carry with them different legislative and organisational concerns.  These must be taken into account in the recommendations for interoperability.
 h5. Knowledge Gaps:
 The questions that remain to be answered in relation to organisational and legal concerns include...
 3.1.      What legal conditions need to be in place for interoperability of NSW and how can these be addressed across the different stages of regional integration? (e.g. mutual recognition agreements, etc)
 3.2.      What organisational conditions need to be in place and what configurations are possible to manage the interoperability of NSW? (e.g. to drive the development, operation, and financing where applicable)
 h5. Information Sources:
 Resources to date include...
 3.1. Legal conditions - Bill Luddy, the personnel doing the legal review for ASW.
 3.2. Organisational conditions - looking at examples from across the spectrum of regional integration e.g. ASW, EU, US-Canada, China-Korea-Japan, transit corridors, etc.
 h5. Technical Lead:
 Bill Luddy (to be confirmed)
 h5. Expert Resources:
  Andrea Hampton, Jae Sung Le, Luca Castellani - UNCITRAL, PAA, ASW Legal Expert(s), Michael S. Coffee...
  Andrea Hampton, Jae Sung Le, Luca Castellani - UNCITRAL, PAA, ASW Legal Expert(s), Michael S. Coffee...*_→_* _if you would like to be considered as an Expert Resource in this area, please let the Group Chair know._
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