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 h1. Table of Content
 h1. 1. Project Purpose
 {text-data:Projecpurpose\|type=area\|width=600px\|height=150px} The project's purpose is to standardise the data exchanges between Flag States of fishing vessels and other parties relating to electronic logbooks, usually involving countries or Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMO).{text-data}
 Version: {text-data:Version\|width=100px}1.0{text-data}
 h1. 2. Project Scope
 {text-data:Scope\|type=area\|width=600px\|height=150px}\[Specify project scope in terms of in-scope and out-of-scope items within the context of the UN/CEFACT Programme of Work. Include a description indicating the relationship between this project and other UN/CEFACT projects, if known. In the case of a Project whose deliverables include proposed Recommendations and Standards, include projects outside of UN/CEFACT of which this project could be considered a duplicate, if any, and explain why it is not\] ...{text-data}
 h1. 3. Project Deliverables
 {text-data:Deliverables\|type=area\|width=600px\|height=150px}The project deliverables are
 \[ deliverable 1 \]
 \[ deliverable 2 \]
 h1. 4. Exit Criteria
 {text-data:Criteria\|type=area\|width=600px\|height=150px}For each deliverable, list the criteria that when met will indicate the deliverable has been completed...{text-data}
 h1. 5. Project Team Membership and Required Functional Expertise
 {text-data:Membership\|type=area\|width=600px\|height=150px}Membership is open to experts with broad knowledge in the area of \[PLEASE FILL IN\], the functions of UN/CEFACT, and its groups.{text-data}
 h1. 6. HoD Support(required for technical standards, business standards and UNECE recommendations)
 List at least three Country heads of delegation who support this project, and include their written expression of support using the template in annex IV...
 {text-data:HoDSupport\|type=area\|width=600px\|height=150px}The following Heads of Delegations to UN/CEFACT have indicated their support for this project (minimum of 3 required for this project): Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden.
 Additional support has been indicated from the Belgian sea fisheries office and the Fisheries Department of Malta.
 h1. 7. Geographical Focus
 {text-data:GeographicalFocus\|type=area\|width=600px\|height=150px}The geographical focus is ...{text-data}
 h1. 8. Initial contributions
 {text-data:Contributions\|type=area\|width=600px\|height=150px}The following contributions are submitted as part of this proposal. It is understood that these contributions are only for consideration by the Project Team and that other participants may submit additional contributions in order to ensure that as much information as possible is obtained from those with expertise and a material interest in the project. It is also understood that the Project Team may choose to adopt one or more of these contributions "as is".
 \[ reference to contribution 1 \]
 \[ reference to contribution 2 \]{text-data}
 h1. 9. Resource Requirements
 {text-data:Resource\|type=area\|width=600px\|height=150px}Participants in the project shall provide resources for their own participation. The existence and functioning of the project shall not require any additional resources from the UNECE secretariat.
 \[Note to user: Participants in the project shall provide resources for their own participation. If no additional resources are required, then a short statement indicating this should be included. However, if specialized resources are required to complete the project, and such resources are not available within the project team, then those requirements should be clearly identified. It is preferred that the existence and functioning of the project shall not require any additional resources from the UNECE secretariat.\]{text-data}
 h1. 10. Project Leadership
 || Project Chair | {text-data:ProjectChair|width=150px}{text-data}| [mailto:{text-data:ProjectChairEmailAddr|width=300px}]|
 || Lead Editor | {text-data:LeadEditor} | [mailto:{text-data:LeadEditorEmailAddr|width=300px}] |
 h1. 11. Milestones (repeat per deliverable)
 A project plan, documenting the objectives to be achieved, and showing the major products, milestones, activities and resources required on the project will be developed after acceptance of the project.
 || ODP Step || ODP Name || Estimated Completion Date || Comment ||
 | 1 | Project Inception | {date-data:ODP1CompletionDate|format=dd.MM.yyyy|minYear=2000} | {text-data:ODP1Comment|width=250px}Comment{text-data} |
 | 2 | Requirements Gathering | {date-data:ODP2CompletionDate|format=dd.MM.yyyy|minYear=2000} | {text-data:ODP2Comment|width=250px}Comment{text-data} |
 | 3 | Draft Development | {date-data:ODP3CompletionDate|format=dd.MM.yyyy|minYear=2000} | {text-data:ODP3Comment|width=250px}Comment{text-data} |
 | 4 | Public Review | {date-data:ODP4CompletionDate|format=dd.MM.yyyy|minYear=2000} | {text-data:ODP4Comment|width=250px}Comment{text-data} |
 | 5 | Project Exit | {date-data:ODP5CompletionDate|format=dd.MM.yyyy|minYear=2000} | {text-data:ODP5Comment|width=250px}Comment{text-data} |
 | 6 | Publlication | {date-data:ODP6CompletionDate|format=dd.MM.yyyy|minYear=2000} | {text-data:ODP6Comment|width=250px}Comment{text-data} |
 | 7 | Maintenance | {date-data:ODP7CompletionDate|format=dd.MM.yyyy|minYear=2000} | {text-data:ODP8Comment|width=250px}Comment{text-data} |