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 h1. {color:#006600}General{color}
 * [CEFACT New Projects]
 * [Projects Overview]
  * [CEFACT]
 * [New Projects Overview]
 * [Online Forum|UNCEFACTWIKIS:United Nations Economic Commission for Europe]
 * [Calendar]
 h1. {color:#006600}PDAs{color}
 * [Trade and Transport Facilitation]
  * [International Trade Procedures]
 * [Supply Chain]
 * [Regulatory]
 * [Sectoral]
 * [Methodology and Technology]
 h1. {color:#006600}Documents{color}
 * [User Guidelines]
 * [New ODP|]
 h1. {color:#006600}Links to old projects{color}
 * [TBG|TBG:International Trade and Business Group]
 * [ATG|ATG:Applied Technologies Group Home]
 * [TMG|public:Techniques and Methodologies Group]