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 h1. General
 * [Home|Techniques and Methodologies Group]
 * [Project Overview|Projects Overview]
 * [Calendar]
 * [TMG Meetings]
 h1. Groups
 * [BPWG|Business Process Working Group (BPWG)]
 * [CCWG|Core Components Working Group (CCWG)]
 * [EBAWG|Electronic Business Architecture Working Group (EBAWG)]
  * CCDA
 * [StC|TMG - Steering Committee (StC)]
 h1. Documents
 * [User Guideline|Guideline]
 * [ODP Document|Open Development Process (ODP) for TMG]
 * [FAQs]
 * [Glossary]
 * [News - Templates]
 h1. Information
 * [Tool Support]
 * [Links]
 * [Activities of Participants]