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 | Extracxt from Terms of Reference Approved by ATG on 2003.03.14: |
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 | h1. *Members* |
 | Members are expected to be recognised experts in the field of design practices and technical assessment. Membership resides with the individual. After attending two ATG meetings out of 3, the attendee is eligible for membership.  Membership is achieved by written application to the ATG Secretariat. To maintain member status, the participant must attend at least two ATG meetings within the preceding 12 months. Failure to attend at least two ATG meetings per annum may result in forfeiture of membership at the discretion of the Chair. |
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 | h1. *Observers* |
 | Observers (guests) are welcome to attend any ATG meeting, and are encouraged to participate in discussions. However, observers are not considered to be members and therefore will not be allowed to vote. |
 h1. Membership Roster and Meeting Attendance History
  Roster and Attendance
  [Roster and Attendance|^ATG Meeting Roster 2010-09.xlsx]