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 *{+}IMPORTANT NOTE concerning the creation of new projects:+*
 Upon approval of FMG, please send an email to the UNECE secretariat to create the framework for new Projects into the system. Once the empty project structure has been created into Confluence, the project editor/leader must fill in the appropriate project data.{panel:title=Table of Content| borderStyle=dashed| borderColor=#ccc| titleBGColor=#F7D6C1| bgColor=#FFFFCE}
 [How to sign up and join projects|^TBG Confluence Signup.pdf]
 [Maintain Project Information (only for Project Leaders and Editors)|^TBG Confluence Content Maintenance.pdf]
  [Administration Manual(only for UNECE Secretariat)|^Administration Manual.pdf]
  [Administration Manual (only for UNECE Secretariat)|^Administration Manual.pdf]
 [Create empty project structure (only for UNECE Secretariat)|^New Proj.pdf]
 If you need more information on Confluence, please visit the Confluence 2 User Guide at: []