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 h1. Purpose
 ATG2 is responsible for XML Syntax Solutions to support TBG Business Requirements
 h1. Actual Projects
  h1. Projects
h2. [|NDR][NDR - Naming and Design Rules|NDR - XML Naming and Design Rules]
  h3. XML Naming and Design Rules Project
 h2. [ATG2 XML For CCTS Project|ATG:ATG2 XML for CCTS]
  The [XML Naming and Design Rules Project|NDR - XML Naming and Design Rules] defines a technical specification for creating XML Schema from Core Component based Business Information Entities to support Business to Business information exchanges.
 h3. XML For CCTS Project
 The [XML For CCTS Project|ATG:ATG2 XML for CCTS] defines an XML Schema for creating normative instances of CCTS artefacts - Aggregate Core Components, Association Core Components, Basic Core Components, Core Data Types, Aggregate Business Information Entities, Association Business Information Entities, Basic Business Information Entities, Business Data Types. These normative XML instance representations can be used for submission to, and publication of, the aforementioned artefacts.
 h1. Meeting Minutes
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 h1. Membership Roster
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