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 h1. Introduction
 Ongoing improvements of the internal architecture of CEFACT, but also in co-operation with other Standards Development Organizations - is the aim of this newly founded (Mid2009) Advisory Team which is reporting to the FMG. Please refer to the "Proposal" in the Material section for further details.
 At the moment [CSDAT Team|TBG:CSDAT Team Page|CSDAT Team Page] is working on 10 initial questions, which defines the scope of the topics discussed in this team.
 Please consider consulting the [CSDAT Questions|TBG:CSDAT Questions|CSDAT Questions] page for more details.
 The aim of this page is quickly provide a place where material and announcements can be shared within the group and with others.
 h1. Material
 Here we will gather material for the team:
 h1. Events - News