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a, annoucement, announcement calendar, ccbda, ccda, ccma, ccma_odp1, ccma_odp3, ccma_odp3_minutes, ccma_odp4, ccts, ccts_odp1, ccts_odp1_doc, ccts_odp2, ccts_odp3, ccts_odp4, ccts_odp5, ccts_odp5_agenda, ccts_odp5_minutes, ccts_odp6, ccts_odp6_minutes, ccts_odp7, ccts_odp8, ccts_opd5, ccts_opd5_minutes, ccwg, cfp, cod, cod_cfp, cod_doc, cod_odp1, cod_odp1_agenda, cod_odp1_doc, cod_odp1_minutes, cod_odp2, cod_odp2_agenda, compliance, conformance doc, ebas_odp2_minutes, guide, guideline, meeting, news
odp2, odp3, odp4, odp5, odp6, odp7, odp8, odpdoc, projects, rea, requirements_list, specification template, tmg_general, tmg_news, tmg_stc, tmg_stc_minutes ubac, ucm, ucm_odp2, ucm_odp2_agenda, ucm_odp2_doc, ucm_odp2_minutes, ucm_odp3, ucm_odp3_agenda, ucm_odp3_doc, ucm_odp3_minutes, umm, umm_cfp, umm_odp1, umm_odp3, upcc, upcc_odp1, upcc_odp1_doc, upcc_odp2_doc, upcc_odp3, upcc_odp3_doc, upcc_odp4, upcc_odp4_doc, upcc_odp5, upcc_odp6, upcc_odp7, upcc_odp8, upcc_opd1, upcc_opd2