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  1. As a result of some conflicting comment resolutions and some comments with unclear resolutions, the CCTS project team needs more time this week to complete its comment processing. We anticipate completion on Friday, but make no guarantees.
  2. In part as a result of #1, and in part in response to requests from TBG, the TMG plans to specify a two-week time-period for the purpose of validating the draft produced in #1 against the comment log. TMG will respond to CCTS-related questions and concerns prior to taking a decision regarding transitioning from ODP5 to ODP6.
  3. Between now and the two-week period described in #2, the TMG invites questions and concerns on any TMG-related topics. Questions and concerns should be submitted to the Gunther Stuhec (TMG Chairman) and Jim Wilson (TMG Secretary and CCWG Chairman) via email. Question and concern topics may include, but are not limited to:
    • TMG's processes
    • CCTS Project Team's processes
    • TMG's Website
    • CCTS impact assessment promised by TMG as an ODP6 deliverable
    • CCTS transition plan promised by TMG as an ODP6 deliverable
  4. All previously submitted and relevant questions and concerns (except those included in the comment log) should be resubmitted to indicate continued relevance and to confirm TMG's receipt. Each question and comment must include:
    • Your name
    • Your official role (if applicable)
    • For any criticisms, indicate
      •  what you would do differently
      • what you believe the results would be (positive and negative) of doing things differently
      • why you believe the results would be what was indicated above
      • to what extent you or your colleagues are willing to commit to contribute to TMG's work to achieve the results