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The TMG User Guideline provides an overview of the key features of the TMG Web Site and explains both its basic and more advanced usage of the different features and templates that are required for the daily work for standardization.

The following subchapters explains how you can use the TMG Web Site, and how you can create your own content regarding the general principles of the TMG Web Site. If you need more information of confluence itself, please visit the Confluence 2 User Guide at:

General Aspects

Confluence provides several main features for doing a collaboraborative work. The following features are mainly considered at the TMG Web Site:

  • Pages - Should be used for static information about general TMG, groups, projects, and project steps. If you want to create one of the following information please use "Add Page":
    • General TMG page
    • Project list page
    • General Working Group page including the list of projects
    • General project page including overview about the project status according ODP
    • Details page of each ODP steps of a project
    • General Steering Committee page
  • News - Should be used for news and activities. If you want to create one of the following information please use "Add News":
    • Meeting invitations
    • Meeting reports
    • Call for participation
    • Call for comments
  • Attachments - Should be used for specifications, contributions, and presentations. If you want to upload on of the following information please use the attachment feature at the appropriate web page:
    • Working drafts
    • Implementation drafts
    • Technical specifcations
    • Technical corrigendums
    • Comment logs (Excel spreadsheet)
    • Presentations
    • Contributions (Position papers, candidate papers)
  • Calendar - Should be used for all events such. If you want to create one of the following calendar entries please go to "Calendar" and use "Add a new event" at the appropriate date:
    • Telephone conferences
    • TMG face-to-face meetings
    • UN/CEFACT Forums
    • UN/CEFACT Plenary