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1. Purpose

The purpose of the project is to provide XML schema for the ebXML Business Process Specification Schema (BPSS) compliant to the Applied Technologies Group - XML Working Group (ATG2) XML Naming and Design Rules specification.

2. Scope

The scope of the project is to implement the ebXML BPSS UMM models in W3C XML Schema using standardized ATG2 UML to XML transformation rules. The schema will be based upon the TMG specifications for ebXML BPSS releases.

3. Deliverables

The project deliverables are:

  • ebXML BPSS XSD schema  

4. Functional Expertise of Membership

The required expertise of team members will be the ability to interpret the ebXML BPSS specifications in UMM and in schema syntax. UML modeling and XSD coding skills are required.

5. Geographical Focus

The geographic focus of the project is global.

6. Initial Contributions

The initial contributions will come from current and future BPSS specification releases

7. Statement of resource requirements

Participants in the project shall provide resources for their own participation. The continued existence and functioning of the project team shall not require any additional resources from the UN/ECE secretariat other than:
Establishing and maintaining the project team's public Web site pages with appropriate links, document download facilities, and items of interest;
Establishing and maintaining the project teams public and private list servers.