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Dear members,

please join this telephone conference, because we have to discuss and define the next steps.

Participants: Serm, Sue, Mark, Tony, Gunther

The draft agenda is:

1.) Transistion plan (criterias / next steps)

Need to layout the recommendation how to move from CCTS V2.01 to CCTS V3.0

Basis: CCL D.07B should be used --> Published as a Excel spreadsheet, and by the GEFEG Tool

TBG 17 could be a important partner in this, and TBG 17 has the benefit using the GEFEG Tool

  • Contact Mary Kay to discuss how these will be on the agenda for the interim meeting next week.

Partnership is essential. If the transistion plan is not agreed by the TBG, it could be go to an essential problem.

  • Request: Official partnership with TBG, ATG, and ICG
  • Official request to FMG building a cross group project for defining the transistion plan
  • At least one member of each permanent group should be assigned for this cross group project


  • Scope
  • Agenda
  • Timeline

2.) Criterias for implementation plan

A kind of UN/CEFACT registration document is required, in where all implementation comments could be submitted.

The people should be encourage to register.

Not registered people can't submit comments.

XMLNDR V2.0 Implementation plan could be used as a starting project.

  • Requirement is, if the implementation verification is successful or not.
  • Remove all non-required parts
  • Implement specific CCTS V3.0 parts
  • TBG 17 should look to the first draft at their interim meeting, next week

Additionally, there must the CCTS specific criterias for implementation verification defined.

  • It has a kind of guideance for implementation.
  • How should an implementation planned.
  • Criterias for success of implementation

Should be discussed with Mary Kay, if TBG should work on the implementation plan.

3.) Impact Assessment

The impact assessment is critical for TBG.

It should be developed and discussed within the cross group project, during developing the transistion plan.

4.) Other business

If you have further agenda items, please let me know.

Kind regards,


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