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Apr 16, 2007
Apr 12, 2007

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Title UCM - ODP 2 - Review of requirements
Topic Review of requirements and reqirement proposals
Date 19.04.2007
Start Time 08:00 - Timezone: CET
End Time 09:00 - Timezone: CET
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http://conferencing.sap.com//global/SyncEvents/EnterEvent.asp?campus=global&campusURL=conferencing.sap.com&Lang=EN&external=nnnnnn\] ||


  1. - Welcome
  2. - Agree on agenda
  3. - Select note taker
  4. - Review Open Action Items
  5. - Review of formulations in existing requirement draft
  6. - Implementing requirements proposal from Dublin into draft
  7. (see:
  8. - Status with regard to additional contributions
  9. - Other business
  10. - Next meeting (it is proposed weekly schedule with another recurring bi-weekly meeting Thursdays 18:00-19:00 CET)

Connection Parameters

EVENT ID: 627008

FIRST TIME USER: Please login 5 minutes before the meeting starts.

Online meeting > connect with PC first then with audio device!

This invitation is only for you, please do not forward to others.

SAP Participants

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  • SAP Germany (internal): 49-6227-7-55555
  • SAP US (internal): 1-610-661-4000
  • Europe (most countries): 00-800-4545-7878
  • US: 1-866-893-3308

Full list of dial-in numbers: http://conferencing.sap.com/global/default.asp?target=dialInInformationTELEPHONE

  • Telephone User-ID : SAP User-ID > C=2, D=3, I=4 (e.g. D012345 = 3012345)
  • Password: Set 4-digit password once prior to your first event
    *https://conferencing.sap.com/global/ChangeTap> Note: Enter SAP_ALL User ID and SAP_ALL Password

Non SAP Participants



  • Europe (most countries): 00-800-4545-7878
  • US: 1-866-893-3308

Full list of dial-in numbers:
http://conferencing.sap.com/global/default.asp?target=dialInInformationTELEPHONE USER-ID / PASSWORD:

  • enter EVENT ID nnnnnn# when prompted to enter a ID


Please create a CSS ticket at component PH-ICS.

In urgent cases you may also call the hotline for your region:

  • Germany: +49-6227-7-42888
  • Americas: +1-877-661-1616
  • Asia/Pacific: +65-6768-6789

FIRST TIME USERS (not SAP employees)

Your computer will automatically be setup for participation when you enter the Event.
The setup process should take less than 30 seconds on a fast network connection, but may take several minutes on a slow connection.

To save time later, you may setup now (without entering the actual Event) by clicking the following link:

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Title CCTS - ODP 5 - Review of Draft
Subject Review of implementations into draft, next steps
Date 13.04.2007
Start Time 13:00 – Timezone: CET
End Time 16:00 – Timezone: CET
Note Taker [~gunther.stuhec]
Participants Anthony B. Coates, Mark Crawford, [~gunther.stuhec]
See also: CCTS - ODP 5 - Meeting Participation


Meeting Results

Last review of draft document before announcement of next iteration of public review


We reviewed the two definitions, the new document references (UMM + DT Catalogue + UML Profile for Core Components (formerly BCSS))

We reviewed the two revised association figures. Mark changed all the figures into a non UML notation, which we are generally accepted.

We reviewed the five remaining examples, where Mark taken from CCL D.06B whereever was possible.

Activities for public announcement

Mark will provide a Excel spreadsheet for comment log. He will send it to Jim, because Jim will align this spreadsheet with the new ODP.

Jim will write some text for public announcement, and will provide it to Gunther

Mark will remind Jim to get the comment log spreadsheet and the announcement text, today.

  Gunther will assemble a package The announcement package will be:

  • Newest version of CCTS V3.0 (pdf version with line numbers)
  • New excel spredsheet of comment log
  • Last version of comment log
  • Rules comparison list

Lists and persons that will get the announcement on Monday, 16th April, 2007:

  • FMG
  • Secretariat
  • General TMG list
  • Alain Dechamp for providing on public TMG website

(!) The review period will end on May 15th, 2007. The comments should be submitted to the chair and editor.

Next activities with rules comparison list

Mark will do the final review of the comparison list (especially with the last four rules that were changed) til 13.04.2007

The comparison list will be also part of the announcement package.

The icons have following meanings:

  • – Decision that may have an impact to the project or group.
  • – Action Item for a specific group or person

Next Meetings

Date Time Topic Location
18.05.2007 13:00 - 16:00 CET Review of submitted comments, categorization of comments and define next steps Interwise Event
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The TMG is pleased to announce the approval of the project proposal to Define Conformance to UN/CEFACT Artefacts.


The purpose of this project is to provide the global user community a set of guidelines that can be used to provide level of confidence in the alignment of available technical solutions to UN/CEFACT approved artefacts.
There are three planned phases to this project. 

  • The first phase of the project is to define a set of common terminology that will be used to provide clarity for this project.  For example, multiple definitions exist for Compliance and Conformance, but only one set of definitions can be used for this project.
  • The second phase of the project includes a review of UN/CEFACT artefacts to classify the important aspects of each artefact and it's relevance to Compliance/Conformance (as defined).  The final result of this phase is a matrix that clearly outlines each artefact and is used as the basis of the third phase.
  • The third phase of the project is to determine the need for levels of Compliance/Conformance.  Each level will be defined and the matrix of artefacts will be tied to these levels for simplicity and clarity.  This clarity is for both those interested in attaining a specific level and for the general public to understand what each level means.

Please find full text of the project proposal at COD - Project Proposal.

The project is conducted within UN/CEFACT's Techniques & Methodologies Group (TMG) at the working group EBAWG.

The project leader is [~andrew.hearn]

First Meeting

A first meeting of the project team will at 26.04.2007, at 10:00 EST which is an initial Telephone Conference by an Interwise Event. You will get the invitation soon.


Those who like to participate in the project, please sign up at our web site, provide at your "User's Profile" the following information:

- *Mobile:*
- *Phone:*
- *Fax:*
*+Level of Participation+*
"member" or "observer"

And click the button "Join this COD project?" at the project details side: COD - Conformance and Compliance Definition
Participation in this project is open to all interested parties. Participation can be at the member or observer level. Observers will be allowed full access to and involvement in all discussions. Voting is restricted to members.

You'll find a detailed guideline for registration and participation at the following link: User Guideline - 1. Sign Up and Joining

End of Call of Participation

The call of participation will end at 07.05.2007

Further Information

If you need further information, don't hesitate and ask

Kind Regards,

Andrew Hearn

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