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The TMG is pleased to announce the approval of the project proposal the UMM Base/Foundation Module Version 2.0


The purpose of the project is to update the current UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology (UMM) base module and foundation module. When the work on the first versions of these modules started in December 2004 most UML tool vendors supported UML 1.4, but not UML 2. Due to this fact, it was decided to build the UMM base and foundation module on top of UML 1.4. Today, UML tool vendors have made progress towards UML2, which is the most common supported version, whereas UML 1.4 support is decreasing. Accordingly, the UMM base and foundation module will be adopted to UML 2. In other words, the purpose of this project is to develop a UML2 profile for the UMM base module and another one for the foundation module.

Please find full text of the project proposal at the following link UMM - Project Proposal. The project is conducted within UN/CEFACT's Techniques & Methodologies Group (TMG) at the working group BPWG. The project leader is [~christian.huemer].

First Meeting

A first meeting of the project team will be held during UN/CEFACT's Forum meeting in Dublin 26th - 30th March 2007.


Those who like to participate in the project, please sign up at our web site, provide at your "User's Profile" the following information:

- *Mobile:*
- *Phone:*
- *Fax:*

\\ \\


*+Level of Participation+*
"member" or "observer"

And click the button "Join this UMM project?" at the project details side: UMM - UNCEFACT Modeling Methodology

Participation in this project is open to all interested parties. Participation can be at the member or observer level. Observers will be allowed full access to and involvement in all discussions. Voting is restricted to members.

You'll find a detailed guideline for registration and participation at the following link: Guideline#Guideline-1.SignUpandJoining

End of Call of Participation

The call of participation will end at 30th March 2007

Further Information

If you need further information, don't hesitate and ask

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