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Every active member, passive member or even observer of UN/CEFACT TMG permanent group should sign up at the TMG website. They should also select and join these project teams, in where they want to (actively) participate. This chapter describes, how the members or observers can registrate at the TMG website and may join indivdually at the project teams. This chapter includes the following information:

1.1 Sign Up

If you want to register, you have to do the following steps (see also figure below):

  • Click on "Sign Up"
    • The "Sign Up For Confluence" will be shown
  • Add your full name (given name and surname)
  • Add your business e-mail address
  • Add your username, usually "givenname.surname"
  • Choose your password
  • Click on "Sign Up".

1.2 Finalize Profile

After you're signed up, you can finalize your profile by the following steps (see also figure below):

  • Click on your username on the top menu

The user profile of you will be shown.

  • Click on the 'Edit Profile' tab. Enter details about yourself in the form that is displayed.
  • Copy following source template into "Information about me"
    *+UN/CEFACT TMG Positions:+*
    - TMG <Group/Project> - <Position>
    - *Mobile:* <Number>
    - *Phone:*&nbsp; <Number>
    - *Fax:*&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <Number>
      <ZipCode> - <City>
  • Change replacements, and enter your position(s) at the TMG, your communication numbers, and your business address
  • Upload your picture

The following figure shows the steps for editing the user profile:

  • If you go to Preferences ? General, you can also change the following parameters:
    • Site default of homepage (Default is: Techniques and Methodologies)
    • Preferred language (Default is English)
    • Time Zone (Default is Central Time (GMT-0600))
  • Click on "Save" button

The profile could be represented as shown in the following figure.

1.3 Register to a Project Team/Group

After, you're signed up, you're in able to register for several project team in where you are really want to join.

  • For this procedure, please go to the list of project by clicking on "List of Project" (see following figure).

The complete of TMG projects will be shown (see following figure).

  • Select a project in where you want to join.

The detailed information about the selected project will be raised up (see following figure).

  • Click on "Join this .... Project?"

After pushing the button, the system will you automatically register for this selected project, the working group in where this project belongs to, and for the group "TMG" itself.

After refeshing, your username will be shown in the list of this selected project (see figure below).

Because of the automatic registration for a project team, working group and even TMG, an error information will always occur after registering for further project teams. This error is uninportant and just for information.