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Table of Content

1. Project Name

TBG1 Supply Chain Process - Common Requirements

Version: 0.2

2. Objectives

2.1. Purpose

The purpose of the project is to manage the requirements and data structures that are common to most processes in the Supply Chain.

2.2. Scope

Supply Chain processes (TBG1)

3. Deliverables

The deliverable of the project is a BRS describing the high level processes and the main business entities in the supply chain domain, and the business requirements that are common to most processes within this domain. Together with the BRS document for specific projects such as CII v2, the Common Supply Chain BRS serves as a basis for creating the RSM's and Business Information Entities.

4. Functional Expertise of Membership

The project team is a group of experts with broad knowledge of supply chain processes.

5. Geographical Focus


6. Initial Contributions

A first version of the Common Supply Chain BRS was already created and approved as part of the CII v2 project. The present project proposal aims to further facilitate the development and maintenance of this BRS, independent of the CII v2 project.
The following have expressed an interest in making such contributions:

7. Project Management

7.1. Team

Project Chair Coen Janssen
Editor Coen Janssen

7.2. Milestones

Estimated Open Development Process (ODP) milestone dates:

ODP Step ODP Name Estimated Completion Date Comment
1 Project Proposal 01.12.2009 Complete ODP1
2 Requirements List 31.12.2009 Complete ODP2
3 1st Working Draft 31.12.2009 Complete ODP3
4 Internal Review 31.12.2009 Complete ODP4
5 Public Review 31.12.2009 Complete ODP5
6 Implementation Verification 31.12.2009 Complete ODP6
7 Final Release 31.12.2009 Complete ODP7

8. Statement of Resource Requirements

Participants in the project shall provide resources for their own participation. The continued existence and functioning of the project team shall not require any additional resources from the UN/ECE secretariat other than:

  • Establishing and maintaining the project team's public Web site pages with appropriate links, document download facilities, and items of interest;
  • Establishing and maintaining the project team's public and private list servers.