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Table of Content

1. Project Name

Cattle registration and movement data exchange and animal passport

Version: 1.0

2. Objectives

2.1. Purpose

The purpose of the project is to harmonise the data items in use by farmers and their partners for cattle breeding, raising and fattening and dairy farming and for the dairy and meat industry.
To harmonise the information exchange, the electronic messages, used by these parties.

2.2. Scope

At the initial phase, the focus is on data items and messages used in the cattle registration process.
There is special attention for international trade in life animals (animal passport)
The data items will be included in the ISO data dictionary (ISO 11788) and in the UN/CEFACT core component library (CCL). They will be harmonized with International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) guidelines.

3. Deliverables

The deliverables from the project are :

  • A catalogue of Business Process Models using UMM/UML covering the international animal movement and registration
  • Messages for exchange information in animal registration, breeding and dairy recording are harmonised
  • A message for electronic data exchange between different national cattle registration systems.
  • Electronic animal passport information can be issued and received.
  • Electronic animal passport will be harmonised with the E-cert data standards.
  • BRS and RSM will be delivered.

4. Functional Expertise of Membership

The membership is open to experts in the area of data exchange in cattle registration and animal production recording and the functions of UN/CEFACT and it groups.
In addition heads of delegation may invite technical experts from their constituency to participate in the work. Experts are expected to contribute to the work based solely on their expertise and to comply to the UN/CEFACT Code of Ethics.

5. Geographical Focus

The geographic focus of the project is global

6. Initial Contributions

In the CEN EEG 14 a workgroup is founded for this issue. All work done by the CEN EEG 14 is available for the project. This includes a survey of animal registration systems, data specifications, definition of use cases and class diagrams.
The following have expressed an interest in making such contributions:

7. Project Management

7.1. Team

Project Chair Frans Van Diepen
Editor Gaëlle Cheruy Pottiau

7.2. Milestones

Estimated Open Development Process (ODP) milestone dates:

ODP Step ODP Name Estimated Completion Date Comment
1 Project Proposal   Done
2 Requirements List   Done
3 1st Working Draft   Done
4 Internal Review   Done
5 Public Review   Done
6 Implementation Verification   In progress
7 Final Release   CCL 10A?

8. Statement of Resource Requirements

Participants in the project shall provide resources for their own participation. The continued existence and functioning of the project team shall not require any additional resources from the UN/ECE secretariat other than:

  • Establishing and maintaining the project team's public Web site pages with appropriate links, document download facilities, and items of interest;
  • Establishing and maintaining the project team's public and private list servers.

The project will be managed in Europe under the lead of the members of de CEN EEG 14:

Project leader: Frans van Diepen
Editor: Gaëlle Cheruy Pottiau
Business experts of the CEN EEG 14 workgroup, with participants from the Netherlands, France, Germany, from government, university and private enterprises.