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Table of Content

1. Project Name

Quotation Process Project

Version: 1.0

2. Objectives

2.1. Purpose

The purpose of the project is to create Business Process Models and the Business class diagrams for documenting business scenarios and the business transactions involved in the Quotation process. The output will be used to obtain and validate the XML messages to support the business transactions.

2.2. Scope

In the Supply Chain process before ordering services or goods, very often, a customer asks its supplier to provide a quotation of desired services and products; the quotation assures prices, general selling terms, and delivery conditions. This quotation can be also used to validate information previously sent in a catalogue. After receiving a quotation, a customer can treat the quotation as an offer and use the quotation to generate an order.
To simplify the understanding, two parties are included herein; the parties involved are customer and seller. In the quotation each of the parties can have more than one role.

3. Deliverables

The deliverables from the project are:
• A catalogue of Business Process Models covering the Quotation process.
• A guide for users which enables them to select the model appropriate to their needs.
• A guide for users which enables them to select the relevant transaction appropriate to their needs.
• To provide the class diagrams of the business transaction for the creation of the XML schemas using the UN/CEFACT Core Components Technical Specification.

4. Functional Expertise of Membership

The project team will consist of a group of experts with broad knowledge in the areas of supply chain processes.

5. Geographical Focus

The focus is global within the functional area of the Quotation process.

6. Initial Contributions

The project team will be selected in the TBG1 working group. Other participants are encouraged to submit their contributions in order to ensure the gathering of as much information as possible from those with expertise and a material interest in the project but at the same time allow diverse voices to comment on the details of the projects and ensures that no single organization can dominate the process.
The following have expressed an interest in making such contributions:

7. Project Management

7.1. Team

Project Chair Gilles Brandel
Editor Coen Janssen

7.2. Milestones

Estimated Open Development Process (ODP) milestone dates:

ODP Step ODP Name Estimated Completion Date Comment
1 Project Proposal 01.12.2008 Comment
2 Requirements List   Comment
3 1st Working Draft   Comment
4 Internal Review   Comment
5 Public Review   Comment
6 Implementation Verification   Comment
7 Final Release   Comment

8. Statement of Resource Requirements

Resources required are business user experts with a broad knowledge in the area of the supply chain. Modelling expertise is also required within the group.
Note: The project does not require any additional resources from the UN/ECE secretariat. Modelling expertise and initial project management are available and have already been assigned from within the functional area as follows:
Project Leader: Mr. Gilles Brandel, Mr Samy Scemama
Modellers: Mr Gilles Brandel
Business Experts: Experts from the TBG1