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An overview of the User Guide for CCTS 3 and NDR 3 was presented during the 17th UN/CEFACT Forum in Geneva at the Lunch & Learn Session on Thursday, 2nd September 2010. A copy of the presentation is available below.

17th UN/CEFACT Forum Lunch & Learn Presentation: LunchAndLearn_ UserGuide-CCTS3-NDR3.pdf

Latest Version

User Guide for CCTS 3.0 and NDR 3.0 (User Guide version 0.4): User_Guide_for_CCTS 3.0_and_NDR_3.0_v0.4_2010-09-09.pdf


Example deliverables, produced by following the principles of CCTS 3 and NDR 3 User Guide, will be available in this section soon.

UML Models

XML Schema Packages

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