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The goal is to set up a common, harmonized insurance data dictionary, which will be used as input for the TBG17 harmonization process. The insurance industry will use this as a reference dictionary for developing data models, object class models or message structures and to facilitate interoperability within the global Insurance sector.

Contacts & Members

Working Group Chair: Andreas Schultz
Working Group Vice-Chair: Jürgen Heck
Working Group Secretary: Jan Vrijenhoek
TBG8 Participants

Projects Status

Project Title Project Name Project Chair Project Initiator Supporters Extra Budgetary Resources Start Date End Date ODP 1 ODP 2 ODP 3 ODP 4 ODP 5 ODP 6 ODP 7 ODP 8 Aim of 2012
P006 Insurance Data Dictionary & Core Components Jan Vrijenhoek TBG8   01.01.2001