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TBG3 has the primary mission to identify EDIFACT standard message requirements for the transfer of transport data and to develop and maintain United Nations Standard Messages (UNSM"s) for transport and logistics purposes. TBG3 develops the transport Business Models, the transport Core Components and Business Information Entities, in accordance with the UML and UMM methodology, such as to develop standard XML documents for the transport and logistics sector. TBG3 also deals with the relevant Codes lists including UN Recommendations.

TBG3 through its sub-Group ITIGG (International Transport Implementation Guidelines Group) has developed recommendations for harmonization of implementation guidelines for EDIFACT Transport messages and encourages all organizations to endorse the ITIGG rules.

TBG3 ensures that, as far as possible, the needs of all modes of transport are taken into account and that message development and subsequent coordination is achieved by a process of consensus.