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The purpose of TBG19 is to develop and maintain business scenarios and business transactions to facilitate the electronic delivery of services to citizens, businesses and government organizations.

As the term "eGoverment" can be understood in different manners, covering the broad range of activities of public authorities, it is appropriate to precise that the main focus of TBG19 is to support the relation between administrations and society.

As a consequence, subjects of a more "sectorial" or "technical" nature should be dealt with in the adequate sectorial TBG where the respective administration experts should participate. If this is not possible, the matter can be addressed to TBG19 whose membership will do its best to contact interested people in the respective national administrations and come back with an advice or gather the proper expertise to handle the matter.

Drafting guidelines to promote UN/CEFACT awareness within  governments, document for comments:
Position Paper Increase TBG19 participation