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The TBG has is scope on the agricultural and food processing production and trade chain. This includes the primary production as well as the supply to these chains.
Food safety, animal health and plant sanitation are important subjects. Tracking and tracing is an important aspect of these business models.

Contacts & Members

Working Group Chair: Bruno Prépin
Working Group Vice Chair: Frans Van Diepen
Working Group Secretary: Gaëlle Cheruy Pottiau
TBG18 Participants

TBG 18 Meetings

Name Type Location Start-Date End-Date Comments Additional Documents
12th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Mexico 06.04.2008 11.04.2008 MINUTES - TBG18 CEFACT Forum Mexicov-v1.doc
13th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Saly, Senegal 10.11.2008 14.11.2008 MINUTES - TBG18 CEFACT Forum SALY-v1.doc
14th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Rome, Italy 20.04.2009 24.04.2009 TBG 18 -Meeting Minutes -Rome_Forum.doc
15th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Sapporo, Japan 28.09.2009 02.10.2009 MINUTES - TBG18 CEFACT Forum SAPPOROV1.1.doc
Interim meeting Physical Meeting Lyon, France 31.05.2010 02.06.2010 to replace the 16th UN/CEFACT in Bangkok 2010_ MINUTES - TBG18_InterimV1.0.doc
17th UNCEFACT meeting Physical Meeting Geneva, Switzerland 30.08.2010 04.09.2010 2010_UNCEFACT_Forum_TBG 18_MinutesV1.0.doc
cites-tb18 20100901 fvd v2.ppt
17th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Geneva, Switzerland 30.08.2010 04.09.2010 UN/CEFACT Future Organization - Requirements of TBG18 "Agriculture" TBG 18 Requirements for UNCEFACT new organization.pdf
20th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Vienna,Austria 17.09.2012 21.09.2012 UN/CEFACT PDA Agriculture - 20th UNCEFACT Forum Draft Minutes 2012_UNCEFACT_Forum_PDA Sect Agriculture_Vienna_MinutesV1.0.doc
UNCEFACT_ PDA Sectoral Agriculture_ClosingPlenary.pptx

Projects Status

Project Title Project Name Project Chair Project Initiator Supporters Extra Budgetary Resources Start Date End Date ODP 1 ODP 2 ODP 3 ODP 4 ODP 5 ODP 6 ODP 7 ODP 8 Aim of
P034 eCert - XML for Sanitary & Phytosanitary Certificates Barbara COOPER      01.01.2005 01.12.2008  
P077 DAPLOS project Bruno Prépin     01.01.2007 01.12.2008  
P086 Cattle Registration Information Exchange Frans Van Diepen     01.04.2008    
P089 Electronic Data exchange Proxy Bruno Prépin     01.03.2008    
P094 Livestock Life Record René ROGNANT     01.04.2008    
P100 EDI of Agronomical Observations Report Bruno Prépin