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TBG16 maintains the TBG and FMG Websites.

TBG16 is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the Data Maintenance Request (DMR) procedure for UN/EDIFACT and UN/CEFACT XML. Hereafter you can find the DMRs related to UN/CEFACT XML.

Contacts & Members

Working Group Chair: Alain Dechamps
Working Group Vice Chair: Vacant
Working Group Secretary: Vacant
TBG16 Participants

Change Request registration Log

 CR Number   Target CR Type Submission date Submitter CR status Directory
 EP-2008-001   PSCPM  CHG 01-06-2008 TBG6  Approved 08.B
 EP-2009-001   eTendering   CHG 20-04-2009 BII  Approved 09.B
 EP-2009-002   eTendering   CHG 20-04-2009 BII Approved 09.B
 EP-2009-003   eTendering   CHG 24-07-2009 BII  Approved 09.B
 EP-2009-004   PSCPM  CHG 24-07-2009 TBG6  Approved 09.B
 EP-2009-005   PSCPM  Codes 24-07-2009 TBG6  Approved 09.B
 EP-2009-006   PSCPM  CHG 24-07-2009 TBG6  Approved 09.B
 EP-2009-007   PSCPM  BRS 24-07-2009 TBG6  Approved 09.B
 EP-2009-008   PSCPM  RSM 24-07-2009 TBG6  Approved 09.B
 EP-2009-009   CII  CHG 22-12-2009 GS1  Open 10.A
 EP-2009-010   CII  CHG 22-12-2009 CEN/BII  Open 10.A
 EP-2010-011   eCert  CHG 11-01-2010 TBG18  Open 10.A
 EP-2010-012   Invoice  CHG 10-03-2010 TBG01  Open 10.A