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Project Title Project Name Project Chair Project Initiator Supporters Extra Budgetary Resources Start Date End Date ODP 1 ODP 2 ODP 3 ODP 4 ODP 5 ODP 6 ODP 7 ODP 8 Aim of
P060 Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide Johan Pontén         []  
P064 Revision of Recommendation N°11 - Documentary Aspects of the Transport of Dangerous Goods Alex de Lijster     19.05.2006 16.09.2008 []  
P065 Recommendation N°34 - Simplification and Standardization for International Trade Gordon Cragge      15.09.2006   []  
P066 Recommendation N°35 - Establishing a Legal Framework for an International Trade Single Window Bill Luddy      09.08.2006   []  
P090 Annex to Recommendation 6 on Aligned Invoice Layout Key for International Trade Gordon Cragge     01.12.2004   []  
P091 Recommendation N°12 - Measures to Facilitate Maritime Transport Documents Procedures Johan Pontén     01.04.2010   []  
P101 Recommendation N°36 - Single Windows Interoperability Eva C P Chan          
P103 Consultation Models for Public and Private Sector Consultation Johan Pontén       17.06.2013