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Definition of specific technical issue(s) to be addressed

The TBG12 group is the working group of UN/CEFACT Forum providing the focal point within International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG) being responsible for using the UN/CEFACT Modelling Methodology regarding the provision of accounting, auditing, registration, and financial information services.
 -       Accounting and Auditing include accounting entries recording, processing and control of accounting documents with respect to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP); the exchanges are between the accountants and certified accountants, the auditors, the enterprises, the economic partners of the enterprises, the private and public collection bodies, etc.;
-       Registration includes information related to taxation, new business filings, business amendments and other information filings required by governmental agencies; the exchanges are between the enterprises and the registration authorities;
-       Financial Information Services include administrative, credit and risk reporting, financial statements, filings and similar exchanges that are applied across business and administrative sectors; the exchanges are between the supplier and user of information which include the use of information for decision purposes and collection.
 TBG12 is responsible for the development and maintenance of messages such as:
 -       Accounting and Audit: trial balance (BALANC, balanX), chart of accounts (CHACCO, chartX), accounting entries (ENTREC, entrX), enterprise information (INFENT, inXent), ledger (LEDGER, xLedger);
-       Financial Information Services: enterprise information (INFENT, inXent).
 The messages are developed in the context of trade facilitation according to the principles established by CEFACT as stated in R.650. Therefore, they shall take into account principles of best business practice from within the TBG12 and advice from other relevant working groups in TBG.

Detailed description of the proposed deliverables

 The key deliverables of TBG12 are:
 -         The production, maintenance and co-ordination of standard messages in the fields of accounting, auditing, registration, and financial information services;
-         Providing review comments on horizontal issues such as the Message Design Guidelines;
-         Preparation of principles and rules for implementation of standard messages;