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The purpose of the UN/CEFACT Forum International Trade & Business Processes Group 1 (TBG1) is to:

  • develop and maintain Business Process Models, the Business Transaction Models, the semantics and the contents in a syntax neutral way that they fulfil the requirements of the Trade and Industry communities within the framework of the UN/CEFACT Forum Supply Chain and e-Procurement. The supply chain and e-procurement covers the Purchasing, Material Management and Product development areas
  • approve based on the syntax neutral business transactions the corresponding UN/CEFACT syntax solutions provided by the UN/CEFACT Forum Applied Technologies Group (ATG)
  • encourage the active participation in TBG1 of interested user communities in Industry, Trade and Procurement, in accordance with TBG1 membership criteria
  • maintain close relations with other UN/CEFACT Forum groups and other TBG Working Groups as appropriate
  • Promote and support the work of UN/CEFACT Forum