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Action Items

Number Action Item Category Start Date Due Date Responsible Person Comment Status
1 Approve minutes Rome Review Marieme Seydi 20aug2009 team approved draft minutes, status can be set to approved and minutes can be published on the TBG1 main website
2 Create new Terms of Reference for TBG1. Please review. Will be discussed after Sapporo. Proposal Coen Janssen first draft created
3 CCTS 3 implementation verification based on CII v2 Contribute Coen Janssen Spreadsheet produced and sent to CCTS 3.0 project lead. Implementation verification marked as succesful. Some comments made on template and metamodel. Awaiting feedback from CCTS 3 project team.


Number Date Decision Name Description Impact Comment
03.09.2009 scope 10A submission TBG1 we expect to include: Scheduling v1, Remittance, Catalogue v2, Quotation v1 Specification

Bi-weekly Call Notes

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