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The purpose of the UN/CEFACT Forum International Trade & Business Processes Group 1 (TBG1) is to:

  • develop and maintain Business Process Models, the Business Transaction Models, the semantics and the contents in a syntax neutral way that they fulfil the requirements of the Trade and Industry communities within the framework of the UN/CEFACT Forum Supply Chain and e-Procurement. The supply chain and e-procurement covers the Purchasing, Material Management and Product development areas
  • approve based on the syntax neutral business transactions the corresponding UN/CEFACT syntax solutions provided by the UN/CEFACT Forum Applied Technologies Group (ATG)
  • encourage the active participation in TBG1 of interested user communities in Industry, Trade and Procurement, in accordance with TBG1 membership criteria
  • maintain close relations with other UN/CEFACT Forum groups and other TBG Working Groups as appropriate
  • Promote and support the work of UN/CEFACT Forum

Contacts & Members

Working Group Chair: Vacant
Working Group Vice Chair: Martin Forsberg (Acting Chair)
Working Group Vice Chair: Yong Jae Kim
Working Group Vice Chair: Edmund Gray
Working Group Secretary: Gilles Brandel
Working Group Secretary: Alaa Badi
TBG 1 Participants


Project Status

Project Number Project Name Project Chair Project Initiator Supporters Extra Budgetary Resources Start Date End Date ODP 1 ODP 2 ODP 3 ODP 4 ODP 5 ODP 6 ODP 7 ODP 8 Aim of
P016 Cross Industry Catalogue Karina Duvinger   v1 09B v2 10A      
P042 Material Safety Data Sheet Delta Pelgrim   v1 08B 15.02.2003    
P043 Cross Industry Invoice V2.0 + V2.1 Edmund Gray   v2.0 9A finalized v2.1 09B 10A      
P047 Cross Industry Remittance Advice Mounir El-Khoury   v1 10A      
P052 Cross Industry Ordering Karina Duvinger   v1 09B 10A      
P067 Cross Industry Scheduling Samy Scemama   v1 10A      
P068 Cross Industry Delivery Edmund Gray   v1 09B 10A      
P070 Market Research Information Helge G. Simonsen   v1 09B 10A 01.10.2006    
P084 Cross Industry Quotation Gilles Brandel   v1 10A 15.01.2010    
P087 Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) Delta Pelgrim     01.11.2009    
P088 Supply Chain Process - Common Requirements Edmund Gray   10A      
P104 Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Delta Pelgrim          


Name Type Location Start-Date End-Date Comments Additional Documents
bi-weekly calls Conference Call 01.01.2009 31.12.2009 all agendas and minutes can be found here
Forum Sapporo Physical Meeting Sapporo 28.09.2009 03.10.2009 Sapporo Agenda TBG01 Supply Cain Draft v2.doc
TBG1 Sapporo - Minutes.doc
November 17-19 Physical Meeting Brussels 17.11.2009 19.11.2009 TBG1-2009 Meeting Notes November 17-18-19.doc
TBG1-2009 Meeting agenda November 17-18-19 v2.doc
Forum Rome Physical Meeting Rome

Actions and Decisions

Action Items

Number Action Item Category Start Date Due Date Responsible Person Comment Status
1 Approve minutes Rome Review Marieme Seydi 20aug2009 team approved draft minutes, status can be set to approved and minutes can be published on the TBG1 main website
2 Create new Terms of Reference for TBG1. Please review. Will be discussed after Sapporo. Proposal Coen Janssen first draft created
3 CCTS 3 implementation verification based on CII v2 Contribute Coen Janssen Spreadsheet produced and sent to CCTS 3.0 project lead. Implementation verification marked as succesful. Some comments made on template and metamodel. Awaiting feedback from CCTS 3 project team.


Number Date Decision Name Description Impact Comment
03.09.2009 scope 10A submission TBG1 we expect to include: Scheduling v1, Remittance, Catalogue v2, Quotation v1 Specification

Bi-weekly Call Notes

Date  Notes


  Name Size Creator (Last Modifier) Creation Date Last Mod Date Comment  
Microsoft Excel CCTS_3_0_Implementation_Verification_Component_Template_CII_trial_16jul2009.xls 2.78 Mb Coen Janssen Aug 27, 2009 Aug 27, 2009  
Microsoft Word TBG1 Terms of Reference v0.1 DRAFT.doc 84 kb Coen Janssen (modified by Coen Janssen) Aug 20, 2009 Aug 20, 2009  
ZIP Archive TBG1 RSM 10A Order 4.32 Mb Edmund Gray Oct 30, 2010 Oct 30, 2010 updated following TBG17 audit
ZIP Archive TBG1 RSM Quotation and Common 4.02 Mb Edmund Gray Oct 30, 2010 Oct 30, 2010  
ZIP Archive TBG1 RSM 10A CIR CIS 4.63 Mb Edmund Gray Oct 30, 2010 Oct 30, 2010 updated following TBG17 audit
ZIP Archive TBG1 RSM 10 A Delivery Invoice 4.61 Mb Edmund Gray Oct 30, 2010 Oct 30, 2010 updated following TBG17 audit