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Name Type Location Start-Date End-Date Comments Additional Documents
12th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Mexico 06.04.2008 11.04.2008 MINUTES - TBG18 CEFACT Forum Mexicov-v1.doc
13th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Saly, Senegal 10.11.2008 14.11.2008 MINUTES - TBG18 CEFACT Forum SALY-v1.doc
14th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Rome, Italy 20.04.2009 24.04.2009 TBG 18 -Meeting Minutes -Rome_Forum.doc
15th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Sapporo, Japan 28.09.2009 02.10.2009 MINUTES - TBG18 CEFACT Forum SAPPOROV1.1.doc
Interim meeting Physical Meeting Lyon, France 31.05.2010 02.06.2010 to replace the 16th UN/CEFACT in Bangkok 2010_ MINUTES - TBG18_InterimV1.0.doc
17th UNCEFACT meeting Physical Meeting Geneva, Switzerland 30.08.2010 04.09.2010 2010_UNCEFACT_Forum_TBG 18_MinutesV1.0.doc
cites-tb18 20100901 fvd v2.ppt
17th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Geneva, Switzerland 30.08.2010 04.09.2010 UN/CEFACT Future Organization - Requirements of TBG18 "Agriculture" TBG 18 Requirements for UNCEFACT new organization.pdf
20th UNCEFACT Forum Physical Meeting Vienna,Austria 17.09.2012 21.09.2012 UN/CEFACT PDA Agriculture - 20th UNCEFACT Forum Draft Minutes 2012_UNCEFACT_Forum_PDA Sect Agriculture_Vienna_MinutesV1.0.doc
UNCEFACT_ PDA Sectoral Agriculture_ClosingPlenary.pptx