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Objectives :

Farmers must be able to produce reliable records about input and techniques used on crops (type of input, rate and date of application), and on livestock conditions (like the nature of feed, the quantity of feed and the use of drugs).

Demand for traceability implies that farmers are able to register data in the same manner despite the variety of software used for management purposes or the way in which products are sold.

The objectives of this document are :

• Harmonization of the definitions of the technical data in order to speak the same language and to be able to exchange information between heterogeneous Information Systems
• Development of consensual data dictionaries which could to be used as a basis for all the steps of traceability
• Installation of a standardized Crop Data Sheet message to facilitate the transmission of information since the field for all the vegetables cultures

DAPLOS is an EDIFACT message present in the UN/CEFACT Directory D.05B.

DAPLOS message describes the data crop sheet exchanged between farmers and their partners.

Majority of the farms are Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and then, the use of ebXML format should be the best way to increase the electronic data interchange.

The purpose of this document is to define the crop data sheet processes for all vegetables dies, using the UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology (UMM) approach and Unified Modeling Language to describe and detail the business processes and transactions involved.