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Currently the main issues identified are;

-          Package view vs Product view - this is a stated objective to ensure the model caters for both messages that have Package line items or Product Line items - or both.  In the Business Requirements List ( of the Despatch Advice, Hierarchy is a superset of Trade Line Item  "By these means it is possible to differentiate between package driven transactions and product driven transactions as well as inner-to-outer or outer-to-inner package logic".  This also caters for Packages in Packages i.e "parent" packages.

-          The main parties indentified are the Ship-To and Ship-From.  The Business Requirements Listadds in additional parties.  Do we need to amend this and  cater for the scenario where the Goods owner/manufacturer actually transmits the Despatch Advice and the Ship-From (3rd party logistics provider) simply notifies the Goods Owner manually?