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Objectives (from the project proposal)


The purpose of the project is to create Business Process Models and the Business Class Diagrams for documenting business scenarios and the business transactions involved in the Ordering Process for trading parties. The output will be used to obtain and validate the XML messages to support the business transactions.


The ordering process provides, at a certain point in time, between the supplier and the customer, the information about the treatment of the order request, the order response and the order change for the supply of goods and/or services.
This document describes the ordering process as part of the supply chain and e-Procurement. To ensure that the ordered, delivered, received or consumed goods and, or services are in line with the request of the customers and the common practice used between different industry and trade sectors, he following scenarios are used:

  • The order request is exchanges between a customer (buyer) and the supplier (seller) with the aim to place an
  • The order change request is exchange between a customer and the supplier to request an change to an existing order
  • Te order change request is exchange between the supplier and the customer to propose a order change to the customer

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