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The purpose of this work is to develop a model of the supply chain that can be used as a reference for all parties engaged in the supply chain in order to assist in harmonization of trade processes and data, use of best practice, promotion and training.
The Model builds on the earlier work carried out by the Business Process Analysis Group (BPAWG) of UN/CEFACT. This described the major processes involved in the International Supply Chain in its simplest form by the three key business processes involved-Buy, Ship, Pay- and the main Business Partner Types involved- Customer, Supplier, Intermediary and Authority.

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Project Chair Colin Clark
Lead Editor Niki Sahling
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Project Deliverables

Reminder: these files are Business Process Models bases on various TBG's Business Requirement Specifications. They do refer to Information exchange of course, but they do not cover Data Modeling at all. What they provide is a link via "Information Envelopes" to data load which may be further described with an CoreComponent approach. (Feasible within the Model but out of scope of TBG14).

International Supply Chain Reference Model Releases

The initial versions had been called Buy-Ship-Pay Model, because that was the area where we started from. The latest version and future versions (2010 and later) will be called ISCM (International Supply Chain Reference Model).

Current release:

Version Date
Comments Model - EA Version Additional Released Files
2010A 30.8.2010
Release 2010A

ISCM synonym for BSP Buy-Ship-Pay Prozess Model

ISCM related Documents

Version Date
File Description
  2003 International SupplyChainReference Model2003.doc BPAWG Reference Model of the The International Supply Chain
This document presents the International Supply Chain Reference Model as a text document describing the process involved as Use Cases and Activity models. It formed the basis of the later BUY-SHIP-PAY models developed using UMM modeling methodology
Source: C.J.Clark for UN/CEFACT/BPA/BP044

12th November 2003
SupplyChainReferenceModel- Trade Security-BP050.pdf
BPAWG Reference Model of the International Supply Chain with special reference to Trade Facilitation and Trade Security
Published as part of the proceedings of the UNECE-CCC joint meeting.
Source: UN/CEFACT/TBG-International Trade Procedures and Business Process Analysis Groups

December 2005
POM Supply Chain Model Dec05 Final Secure.EAP
POM ExportBusinessProcessesActors.xls
Port Business Processes-POM.xls
Port of Melbourne Supply Chain Model
Source: Red Wahoo

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