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Refer to children pages below. Each Question should have its own subpage.

The Questions are presented via conference calls (see Schedule) at 15:00 CET until agreed otherwise, and we are using GoToMeeting:

GoToMeeting link:

Schedule each call 15:00 CET until agreed otherwise

Assigned Questions
25. November 2009 Question 1 preparation by Mark
9. December 2009 Question 2 by Alain (might be moved to next date)
Question 3 prepared by Mary Kay and Eduardo
Assigned Questions/ Agenda
13. January 2010 Canceled due to lack of preparation time
20. January 2010 Q4 Christian and Q5 Jostein
3.February 2010 Q7 Niki and Q8 Phillipp
17. February 2010 Q6 Martin and Q9 Scott
3.March 2010  Q10 MK, Sue, Peter
March 2010
Discuss the written essence of each Question
- Preparation (a written text) is available via confluence
- Feedback(written and discussed via Confcal
End March 2010 Basis for Proposals is available
April 2010
F2F Bangkok: Discuss proposals and alternatives
Formulare "advice" (recommendations to FMG)
30 June 2010
resume after Bangkok
11 August 2010
summary slides feedback and discussion (1600CET!)