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Proposed activities in Phase I

Step 1: Define Question
Step 2: „Scope" Question
Step 3: Research and Describe Resources, Issues and Topics 
(by Individuals/small teams)
Step 4: Add relations to other Questions/Topics/Issues (if missing) = Group Review
Step 5: Propose Solutions - Every proposal must have a description of all effects (how the issue is been handled/solved) to all related issues


Representation in Confluence

  • One page per question (with additional Material like presentation etc.)
  • Short texts, not long „papers"
  • Sub pages for each issue/topic where others can be linked to
  • Version control – change management / tracking (no need to reread the whole paragraph)
  • ...
  • One page per Proposal (inkl. all statements)

Email List

  • Discussion (but only if results are represented in confluence)
  • Announcements (new pages, Issues) with links to confluence