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Two of the foundational documents of a UN/CEFACT TBG project are the Business Requirements Specification (BRS)and the Requirements Specification Mapping (RSM). The current BRS template and specification was finalized in the Bonn Forum in March of 2004 and the current RSM template and specification was finalized in the Lyon Forum in September of 2005. Considerable work has taken place during the intervening time and many believe that the lessons learned in the projects done since then should be incorporated in new versions of the templates.

Leader of this revision work is Chris Hassler, TBG Vice Chair.

Latest DRAFT Versions

The final delverables from this revision of the BRS and RSM Templates will be a set of guidelines for each and empty document templates for use in popular word processors and modelling tools. Below are the latest draft documents.

Business Requirements Specification (BRS) Template Guidelines and Template(s)


No Templates Available Yet

Requirements Specification Mapping (RSM) Template Guidelines and Template(s)


No Templates Available Yet

Comment Log


If you want to comment on the Draft BRS and RSM Guidelines and Templates please download and use the following Comment Sheet template and e-mail your comments to


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