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Objectives (from the project proposal)


The opportunity to advance the use of standards and receive feedback on how they are used is important and remains to be articulated at the international level.

This project will investigate how self-conformance statements should be specified and be made publically available to enable transparency in reporting of how standards are implemented, especially in respect of solutions involving common semantics and re-usable data models that are technology neutral.


Standards, especially in the area of common semantics and re-usable data models, foster interoperability in solutions that address business and government requirements for information exchange, thereby enabling greater effectiveness and efficiency in trade facilitation and electronic business.

The project will document requirements related to

  • ways in which user communities can identify and declare conformance with standards in order to foster interoperability,
  • how self-conformance statements can be made publically available to improve transparency in the actual implementation and use of standards.

Requirements List

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Normative References

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