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Objectives (from the project proposal)


The purpose of this project is to update the Naming and Design Rules version 2.0 for CCTS 2.01 (hereafter referred to as NDR2). This will enable easier maintenance and production of schemas in the future.


The project will make minor changes to NDR2 initially focused on two areas. The first is making the Unqualified Data Type Schema an informative, rather than a normative part of the standard, thus enabling easier maintenance of it. This would allow the Data Type Catalogue to be updated without a corresponding update of NDR2. The second area is the schema locations issue. Currently, NDR2 mandates absolute path names, tied to the UN/CEFACT website. This change would enable relative path names, making production and use of the schemas much easier. Any additional changes suggested as part of requirements gathering will also be considered. In addition, this project may provide input to any project concerned with updating UN/CEFACT Data Type Catalogues.

Requirements List

Number Category Name Description Comment Contributor
1 Minimize Manual Effort in Schema Production The current schema production procedures require considerable manual effort. The NDR should support automated schema production the the greatest extent possible. Sue Probert
2 Integrate CCBDA The Core Component Business Document Assembly specification came out after the original version of the NDR. There is considerable synergy between the two specifications, and the CCBDA concepts should be integrated into the NDR. Chris Hassler
3 Rationalize Maintenance and Naming of Code Lists There is currently no mechanism for coherent naming and maintenance of code lists, including subsets of other code lists. Michael Dill
4 Review Annotation Rules There are observed inconsistencies in the rules and other sections on annotations. Correct them. Chris Hassler
5 Review Document For Inconsistencies Review the entire document for inconsistencies and correct them. Chris Hassler
6 Decouple schema content from schema structure The NDR should detail the structure of the schemas, not the content. As such, the CCT and uDT schemas should not be normative parts of the NDR, so that they can be more easily maintained. Chris Hassler

Normative References

Standard Name Version or Date
CCBDA Core Component Business Document Assembly 1.0