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This relates closely to Thematic Area 1 and the concept definition but concentrates more specifically on the technical implications.  The aim is to identify specific technical recommendations to be included.

Knowledge Gaps:

The questions that need to be answered in this thematic area include:

2.1.      What is the technical implications of "interoperability"?   (This also links with Thematic Area 1 described above.)

2.2.      What are the current international standards exist that can be used in SW interoperability?

2.3.      How to identify business requirements (e.g. what data needs to be exchanged) and what impact these have on technical considerations? (Related to 1.4)

Information Sources:

Potential sources for answers include the following...

2.1. Technical implications of interoperability - Eva Chan, the ISO Open EDI Conceptual Model v.2010, OASIS

2.2. International Standards - other UN/CEFACT work, recommendations, etc as well as standards promulgated by WCO and regional organisations such as the PAA.

2.3. Business Needs and Technical Impact - looking at examples such as ASW, EU, US-Canada, China-Korea-Japan, transit corridors, etc).

Technical Lead:

Eva Chan

Expert Resources:

Dennis Pantastico, Rémy Marchand, Raz Bhatti, Ibrahima Diagne, Dale Moberg, Jacques Durand... if you would like to be considered as an Expert Resource in this area, please let the Group Chair know.

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