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Recommendation 4 details how PRO-organisations should be put up and how they can be run. However, Rec 4 does not address the issue of trust building between public and private and does not cover the approaches that are necessary in order to consolidate positions between companies and their organisations on one side or in between different governmental bodies and departments on the other. A new recommendation would cover these areas as well as a distinction on how to conduct consultation on different levels, i.e. strategic, tactic and operational. The recommendation would answer to the need of transparency and consultation that is discussed in the WTO negotiations on trade facilitation as well as in other fora.

The main scope of the project is to formulate a new recommendation, but it will also be assessed if an update is needed of Recommendation 4.

Contacts & Members

Project Chair Josephine Baiamonte
Lead Editor Gordon Cragge
p1011 Participants
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Project Information

ODP Stage ODP Name Stage Start Date Stage End Date Stage Status Meetings / Minutes Relevant Documents
1 Project Inception      
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Meeting Minutes
p1011 - ODP 1 - Project Inception
p1011 - Project Inception

Project Proposal
UN/CEFACT Expert Registration Form
UN/CEFACT Code of Conduct

2 Requirements Gathering      
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Meeting Minutes
p1011 - ODP 2 - Requirements Gathering

3 Draft Development       Meeting Minutes of 2013 APR 18
Meeting Minutes of 2013 JUN 14
Recommendation Consultation Models Fifth draft 140404

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Rec & Guideline draft as of 2013 DEC 16

Comment Log as of 2013 NOV 21

4 Public Review      
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Meeting Minutes
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5 Project Exit      
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Meeting Minutes
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6 Publication      
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Meeting Minutes
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7 Maintenance      
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Meeting Minutes
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