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The UN/CEFACT Programme of Work 2012-2013 identifies as its Key Activity Area 3:
"WORKING with other key players involved in trade facilitation activities and organisations involved in standards development, with the view of avoiding duplication of work and to building together an internationally consistent framework."
Within this activity, this project has the following scope:
a. The identification of technical specifications and standards that are being maintained, developed or given consideration in work programmes and strategies that respond to stakeholder requirements for the open interchange of structured data in support of administration, commerce and trade. This may include work from Standards Development Organizations (SDO) other than ISO and UNECE.
b. Identifying relationships and dependencies between the above specifications and standards.
c. The identification and definition of what is missing under "a" in order to provide a complete technical framework.
d. Recommendations concerning ways forward, such as the division of labor to avoid duplication of work and to foster coherence in work programmes and strategies.

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