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Name of document (and link) 
Base Guidelines for the establishment of NSW and RSW APEC SingleWindow Implementation Guide 2009-July Document produced by the Sub Committee on Custom Procedures. Custom + OGA +  Private stakeholders.  Currently used to progress NSW, RSW and interoperability. Utility and possible inputs for Recommendation 36
Base Single Windows and Supply Chains in the Next Decade based upon smart supply chains. An UNECE and EU contribution in the framework of Cassandra EU Project UNPaper_SingleWindowDataPipeline 2011 The data pipeline concept represents a unique opportunity for business and governments to rethink, redefine and redesign the way in which data are exchanged throughout the entire international supply chain---both from an operational and a regulatory perspective. Utility and possible inputs for Recommendation 36
Base Key Factors in Establishing Single Windows for Handling Import/Export Procedures and Formalities: Single Window WTO-ESCWA 2011 A document based on an expert input :  four months desk research, interview and questionnaire process. Concluded with the Regional Training Workshop on Requirement for the Establishment of Single Window.
• Identify best practices in the region;
• Provide policy recommendations
Utility and possible inputs for Recommendation 36
Base Single Window Planning SW Implement-guideUNECE-UNESCAP 2012 One of the UNNExT tools Utility and possible inputs for Recommendation 36
Governance Exemplarity nature of this Minister's declaration establishing the ASEAN Regional Single Window Agreement to Establish and Implement the ASEAN Single Window 2005 Objectives, Principles, Obligations
a. legal framework
b. regional commitments in each country;
c. coordination and partnership (Customs Administrations, OGA, importers, exporters, transport operators, express industries, customs brokers, forwarders, commercial banking entities and financial institutions, insurers)
Transform from specific to generic
Consider as a topic for Guidelines
Legal issues for SW Electronic Single Window Legal Issues: A Capacity-Building Guide ElectronicSingleWindowLegalIssues 2012 A publication for Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) with UNECE contribution.
A report made by a group of experts under their responsibility.
How can we motivate the legal experts to work on SWI legal aspects ? Create a team and ask for a workplan?  

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