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Draft Minutes - ISO/TC154 ODIF Project Team conference call - 31 May 2012, 14:00 UTC
Participants: Klaus-Dieter Naujok (K-DN), Andrew Schoka (AS), Chris Hassler (CH), Chris Nelson (CN), Kenji Itoh (KI), Mary Kay Blantz (MKB), Sue Probert (SP), Michael Dill (MD), Hisanao Sugamata (HS), Ian Watt (IW), James Whittle (JW), Anders Grangard (AG)

Excused: Bernd Boesler (BB), Francois Vuilleumier (FV), Ken Holman (KH), Tim McGrath (TMG), Kevin Smith (KS)

Approval of Agenda - Approved
Team Member Introduction - Each participant introduced themselves and described their interest in this project.
Review of Project Proposal
Scope of Work - K-DN reviewed the project proposal and described the background of the project. The project is under ISO/TC 154, but results are jointly published with UN/CEFACT. ISO/TC 154 and UN/CEFACT will be reviewing the report and recommendations under their own process.
Ballot Results - Project was approved. Comments submitted by Canada and the Netherlands. The comments will be discussed at the appropriate time as work progresses.
Other - This project was presented to the MoU/MG; announced on ISO/TC 154's and UN/CEFACT's public web sites and notifications were send to all internal and external liaisons to TC 154.
Introduction to ISO/TC154's Collaboration Website
Usage - K-DN demonstrated the features of the website.
Use of Markdown
Progression of the Technical Report
Notebook Layout - K-DN outline the usage of the collaboration web site and described the table of contents and the information added to date. The final item section will be 'Recommendations'; these will be sent to ISO/TC 154 and UN/CEFACT for review, approval, and publication.
Next steps
Start work on the Current Work Programs section by identifying the relevant technical specifications and standards that are being maintained, developed or given consideration in work programs and strategies. The following participants voluntered to help with this work:
ISO/TC 154: K-DN, SP
Relevant Work Items within Liaison Organizations: JW, AG
Other Business
Frequency of Conference Calls: The question was raised about the time table, which is very aggressive. The team agreed to review the bi-weekly call schedule on its next call to determine if there is a need to switch to weekly calls.
All: Send email to K-DN with name and email address of anyone who should be invited to join the group.
Next Meeting: 14 June 2012, starting at 14:00 UTC.

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ISO TC154 ODIF Project Team conference call - 25 October 2012