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Draft Minutes - ISO/TC154 ODIF Project Team conference call - 25 October 2012, 14:00 UTC

Participants: Klaus-Dieter Naujok (K-DN), Chris Hassler (CH), Chris Nelson (CN), Hisanao Sugamata (HS), Francois Vuilleumier (FV), Kenji Itoh (KI), Kevin Smith (KS), Mary Kay Blantz (MKB), Mei-Li Chen (M-LC), Sue Probert (SP), Sylvia Webb (SW)

Excused: Anders Grangard (AG), Ian Watt (IW), James Whittle (JW), Jasmine Jang (JJ), Tim McGrath (TMG)

Not Present: Andrew Schoka (AS), Bernd Boesler (BB), Ian Watt (IW), Juan Carlos Cruellas (CC), Ken Holman (KH), Michael Dill (MD), Peter Potgieser (PP), Sean Lockhead (SL), Wenfeng SUN (WS)

Approval of Agenda - approval

Summary Report from the F2F Meetings in Concord

K-DN: The ODIF team met all day Monday, Tuesday late afternoon and on Wednesday afternoon. There was unanimous agreement, other than from TMG. Since ISO rules allow only facilitation by the conveyors, there is unanimous agreement by all participating experts on the Draft Report. K-DN has spoken with the Chair of UN/CEFACT, Stuart Feder, and he will discuss this with TMG.

Finalization of Section 9.5 (Benefits and Risks)

This section was developed based on a brainstorming session during the F2F meetings by the team. This call resulted in:
Completion of sections 9.5.1 (Benefits) and 9.5.2 (Risks).

Adding additional text to the end of section 9.2 to provide General Recommendations for both organizations.
Other Business

Next Meeting: To be determined.

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