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Draft Minutes - ISO/TC154 ODIF Project Team conference call - 02 August 2012, 14:00 UTC
Participants: Klaus-Dieter Naujok (K-DN), Francois Vuilleumier (FV), Kenji Itoh (KI), Kevin Smith (KS), Mary Kay Blantz (MKB), Mei-Li Chen (M-LC), Sean Lockhead (SL), Sue Probert (SP), Sylvia Webb (SW)

Excused: Anders Grangard (AG), Chris Nelson (CN), James Whittle (JW), Ken Holman (KH)

Not Present: Tim McGrath (TMG), Andrew Schoka (AS), Bernd Boesler (BB), Chris Hassler (CH), Hisanao Sugamata (HS), Ian Watt (IW), Juan Carlos Cruellas (CC), Michael Dill (MD), Peter Potgieser (PP), Wenfeng SUN (WS)

Approval of Agenda - approval
Review and adoption of Draft Minutes from 26 July call - approval
Outline new schedule for moving forward with the DTR
K-DN outline the agreed schedule, the current status and way for moving forward:
Previously-approved milestones were:
07 May-20 July => Drafting TR
23 July-22 September => Two (2) months DTR ballot
24 September-07 October => Two (2) week comments review before plenary
08-11 October => Address and resolve any outstanding comments during TC 154 meeting
12 October => At plenary, either a) approve the TR for publication (pass to ISO for publication) or b) if still outstanding comments/issues, agree to a forward path.
We missed the 23rd July deadline, but agreed to use the two weeks (24September-07 October) allocated for ballot comment review, to extend the final draft deadline and ballot start to today. This would require all comments to be addressed during the F2F meeting in Concord.
Current status: we have missed the deadline to allow a ballot to be started with the result available for review, and final editing during the F2F meeting of TC 154 in October, so that we could present the final document for approval by the TC 154 plenary for publication.
Moving forward: Let's concentrate on making he best use of the next two months before our F2F ODIF team meeting. Therefore, instead of continuing with weekly ODIF project team calls, we suspend these call to allow the editing team to do their work. The new schedule will be:
16 August => The editing team next call.
This will allow time to take the latest version's text and transfer it to the Notebook to allow the editing team to use the collaboration features moving forward. It takes little to move the final agreed to text from the Notebook pages into the ISO template. In addition all outstanding comments and issues will be listed via blog entries allowing team members to start a dialogue.
16 August - 20 September => The editing team can decide the frequency of their WebEx calls as required.
20 September => Editing team presents the final draft to the ODIF.
The editors will introduce the final draft, outline the 2 week internal commenting period, and answer general questions for clarification.
Note: This call is during the UN/CEFACT Forum and since a number of ODIF project team members are in Vienna, this would allow them to organize a session to join the call via WebEx.
27 September => ODIF Team call to address and comments received.
05 October => Comment cut-off date
08 October => Scheduled ODIF F2F (and WebEx) meeting to address all outstanding comments to finalize the draft. If needed a final F2F (and WebEx) meeting can be scheduled for 10th October, Wednesday afternoon.
12 October => Present the final draft to the TC 154 plenary for their approval to send out for ballot.
The following members agreed to participate in the Edit Team:
Other members wishing to participate are asked to notify K-DN not later then 8th August.
Other Business
Action Items
K-DN: Contact TMG to find out status of draft documents, TR and spreadsheet.
Next Meetings:
Full ODIF: Thursday, 20 September 2012, starting at 14:00 UTC (during the UN/CEFACT Forum)
Edit Team: Thursday, 16 August 2012, starting at 14:00 UTC.

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