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ATG Projects

ATG runs its own projects. Other projects are run under ATG1 and ATG2

Project 1 - Data Type Catalogue (DTC)

Project Description

The Data Type Catalogue project is responsible for the development and Maintenance of the data types necessary for defining the value domains for Basic Core Components and Basic Business Information Entities.  Its work is divided between a data type catalogue for the current version of CCTS as well as a data type catalogue for the next version of CCTS.

Project Co-Leader Serge Cayron
Project Co-Leader Vacant  
Project Editor Mark Crawford

More on the Data Type Catalogue Project

Project 2 - Standard Business Document Header

Project Description

Project Co-Leader TBD TBD
Project Co-Leader TBD TBD
Project Editor TBD TBD

More on the Standard Business Document Header project

Project Status

Project Title Project Name Start Date End Date ODP 1 ODP 2 ODP 3 ODP 4 ODP 5 ODP 6 ODP 7 2007 Objective Current Status
DTC UN/CEFACT Standard Data Type Catalogue V1.0 2008 2009 underway                
SBDH UN/CEFACT Standard Business Document Header V2.0 2008 2009 underway               seeking project team participants